CBDMuscle Recovery Oil: An Ultimate Need For All Athletes, Bodybuilders and Fitness Trainers

Anyone who is reading must have known about the magical impact of CBD Oil in bodybuilding. One of the highly reputed brands that makes this product is CBDMuscle. Due to the remarkable, quick and safe impact of the products manufactured by this brand, CBDMuscle Oil has gained a lot of popularity in the market ever since its launch. When compared with other CBD Oil brands in the market, CBDMuscle Oil is the only one that offers 100% pure cannabinoid extract.

We have carried out an in-depth research on this oil and formed a detailed post that explains you how CBDMuscleOil truly help in repairing muscles, and easing muscle pain, soreness and inflammation.To give you better clarity on this product, we have covered everything about CBDMuscle Oil from its composition, to its benefits,method of use, side effects, and what makes it superior than other similar products in the market.

What is the need for CBD Muscle oil?

CBDMuscle Recovery Oil

Before we talk about CBDMuscle Oil, let us get some information about what actually is CBD. It is quite normal for a person to feel worried, and anxious sometimes. However, if you are feeling it quite often, you need to think about going for a treatment. These days market is loaded with medicines to overcome a variety of mental disorders. Unfortunately, almost all of them leads to side effects that makes it more problematic in the longer run.

On contrary to this, there is one most effective and safe treatment available to cure a variety of mental issues efficiently. This is CBD. This compound is found to offer more effective and long-lasting results than traditional medicines, thereby making it the best relief from anxiety.

CBD is completely an organic cannabis compound. It is derived from hemp. One of the best things about CBD is that it not seen to cause any form of psychoactive effects in a person. CBD oil has got a low-chances of dependency and side effects.This makes it quite attractive for people who want to reap its benefits without getting high.

CBD is made up of a few natural components that includes:

  • Hemp seed oil: This oil is rich in nutritional content that comprises of 20%-30A% carbs, 25% to 35% oil, 22% to 25% protein, 12%-15% fiber, essential fatty acids, amino acides and a trace of minerals. It has been known to offer a variety of health benefits in a person.
  • Olive Oil: Olive oil is a major and highly beneficial ingredient in formation of CBD. It comprises of mono-acylglycerols, di-acylglycerols and triacylglycerols. You will also find secondary fatty acids, a wide range of lipids.
  • Terpenoids
  • THC: The concentration of THC is less than 0.03 percentage.

How CBD works?

CBD regulates the entire endocannabinoid system and the body balance in the body. It plays a critical role in immune responses, mood, sleep, and other key bodily functions. CBD is regarded as a 5-HT1A agonist, that is a beneficial serotonin receptor in the body.

It helps in increasing the signals that are passed to serotonin receptors present in the brain. This action boosts 5-HT1A transmission mechanism and also improves mood quickly compared to conventional treatments. Due to this CBD is mainly prescribed for lessening anxiety symptoms in a person.

Health benefits of CBD

CBD is popularly used as a beneficial and natural food supplement. Due to the amazing anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties of CBD, it is found to be impactful are in the treatment of anxiety, movement disorders, pain and cognition within short time period.

Besides this, CBD oil is found to be effective in treating a wide range of health issues. Some of them being chronic pain, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Treats muscle pain and fatigue
  • Reduces anxiety or panic attacks
  • Increases alertness and concentration in a person
  • Gets sound sleep
  • Increases appetite and supplies body with plenty of essential nutrients.

About CBD Muscle Recovery Oil

CBDMuscle oil is an effective formulation made to target joints and muscles of a person naturally. It is a unique exclusive blend of phytocannabinoids derived from hemp. Combined with finest quality ingredients, CBDMuscle Oil provides the best pre/post workout boost for a person. People who have been consuming this product has seen the most precise and positive therapeutic experience.

CBDMuscle oil is a 100% organic product made with vegetarian product. It is vegan friendly. As the amount of THC is 0.03 %, people can consume it without any high effect. This fast absorbing compound acts quickly in the body, thus giving instant relief to the person from anxiety and other issues.

Comparison of CBDMuscle Oil with other variants in the market

Now that we have gained a basic understanding about CBDMuscle Oil, we will now focus on how superior it is from other CBD products in the market. The below comparison table shows how CBDMuscle Oil is effectivethananother CBD variant“Bluebird Botanicals CBD Isolate”.

Name of the Product CBDMuscle Oil (6% concentration) Bluebird Botanicals CBD Isolate
Nature Full spectrum Isolate
Bioavailability It shows high Bioavailability by penetrating quickly into the body.
Takes 10 mins to show its effect after consumption.
Low Bioavailability that results in slow absorption with weaker effect.
Takes half an hour to show effect on the body.
THC content Contains less than 0.03 % of THC No THC, cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes.
Presence of other beneficial compounds Contains useful cannabinoids like CBG or CBN. CBDMuscle Oil also has essential terpenes, vitamins and minerals. No health specific compounds are present in this product.
CO2 extraction CBDMuscle Oil has high levels of cannabinoid in it No cannabinoids present

The above table clearly shows that CBDMuscle Oil outperforms its competitors. It is a fast absorbent product that is made with more health beneficial ingredients that makes it more effective in promoting health and wellness in a person. To get the best results from your CBD Oil, choose CBDMuscle Oil over the rest of the similar products in the market.

Impacts of CBDMuscle Recovery Oil

CBDMuscle Oil provides long lasting results whose impact easily stays for 4 to 12 hours, on the basis of the individual metabolism. People who have used CBDMuscle Oil have greatly benefitted by it. Many of them have experienced that this product relieves them from muscle soreness post workout.

Others have noticed a significant relief from anxiety and emotional distress that used to occur frequently prior to taking this product. Regular intake of CBDMuscle Oil has been observed in quick repair of muscle tissues and help them to train longer, thus giving rapid results in small time period.

All the different products of CBDMuscle Oil like CBD Muscle Oil (6% and 12% concentration), and Full strength (4% CBD + BCAA Formula), promotes speedy recovery from intense training sessions, relaxes muscles post workout, mitigates pain and relieves from inflammation that can arise after heavy duty strength workouts.

The manufacturing company CBDMuscle has clearly stated that the health advantages that you gain from consuming this product can differ from one person to another. The results obtained from its consumption are affected by different factors such as health, age, weight, extent of severity of the illness, metabolism rate, dosage amount and the duration of the treatment. Like any other treatment, regularity and consistency is the key to get good results over a period of time.

Safety standards of CBDMuscle Oil

CBDMuscle Oil is manufactured by UK based CBDMuscle company. It is made FDA approved labs. GMP certification of this product assures its genuineness and safety for topical and oral ingestion. As CBD used in manufacturing this product is derived from hemp, it makes it 100% legal. CBDMuscle Oil is a worldwide approved and sold legally all around the globe. So, users need to be rest assured of its legality and safety of consumption.

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Who can use CBD Muscle Recovery Oil?

CBDMuscle Recovery Balm Athelete

CBDMuscle Oil is safe to be used by all those who want to improve their overall wellbeing and balance their diet. They are the ideal candidate for this product. By improving the health of a person, this product is seen as one of the natural ways to enhance the lifestyle.

The efficacy of this product is backed by medical evidence, clinical trials and testimonials of happy and satisfied users of this product. Its natural anti-inflammatory action is also helpful for people who are suffering from high blood pressure. It brings down the higher levels of blood pressure gradually and safely in a person and thus saves them from the side effects of it.

Other key benefit of consumption of CBDMuscle Oil is for gymjunkies who have serious fitness objectives to accomplish. CBDMuscle Oil helps them to realize their goals by giving a boost to their workout when consumed before and/or after workout. They get strength to stretch themselves a little further and engage in intense workout sessions without getting tired.

The method to use CBDMuscle Recovery Oil

To get the best benefits from this product, it is very important to use it properly as per the instructions mentioned by the manufacturer. The first thing that needs to be considered when it comes to using the CBDMuscle, Oil is determination of the right dosage.

The manufacturer CBDMuscle doesn’t specify one fixed dosage for people as different people reactsto CBD in a different way. As mentioned above, there are several bodily factors that comes into consideration when arriving at the right dosage.

Beginners can start off with one to three drops of it initially for a few months. Once they are comfortable with its impact on the body, they can then increase the dosage amount by one or two drops with a gap of couple of weeks. A little trial and error will help them find out the right dosage that gives them the best relief from anxiety symptoms or good progress in achieving their goals.

Now let us see specified by the manufacturer for the consumption of this oil to get the best results from it.

  • On your first day of consumption of CBDMuscle Oil, start off with just a drop of it. Going slow and performing self-administration of the dose is necessary because your body will get time to adapt to the dramatic impact of CBD on it.In a few days you will start to see a gradual reduction in the symptoms of the disease.
  • Once you do not feel any awkward signs and are comfortable with this much dose, you may increase the amount to three drops depending on your comfort level. You can take this dose daily for a few months.
  • The right way to use CBDMuscle Oil is by putting the oil drop under the tongue. It is the strongest and fast acting CBD product that can be found in the market. Due to its strong action and quick absorption of this product, it only takes thirty to forty seconds to penetrate into the body. This completes the procedure.
  • You will start to feel the results in just ten minutes of its consumption. That much fast it is. CBDMuscle Oil is available in a 10 ml bottle that has 250 drops). So, this one bottle is going to last for a few months easily.
  • Repeat this regimen two times in a day to get quick results. The right time for its consumption is once after waking up in the morning and before going to bed in the night.
  • If you are taking CBDMuscle Oil to reap its muscle repair and building benefits, then you can easily take it daily on your training days immediately post exercise.

Tip: It is mentioned on the label, to store this product in a dry and cool place far from getting exposed to direct sunlight. This will prevent any interaction or change in the chemical composition of the oil and remains effective for a longer time.

A word of caution: Manufacturers of CBDMuscle Oil have explicitly declared that people who have any existing medical condition or are consuming any type of pharmaceutical drugs, are advised to check with their physician prior to using it.

Side effects (if any)

CBDMuscle Oil Side Effects Image

When taken in right dosage, CBDMuscle Oil does not cause any side effects to a person. The manufacturers mention that this product does not cause any interaction with the existing medicines that a person is consuming along with it. There is also not seen any interaction with the food or food supplements. Being low in THC component, CBDMuscle Oil does not give a high feeling to a person.

A person can feel normal and at ease without any signs of euphoria throughout this treatment. The ingredients like hemp extract used in manufacturing CBDMuscle Oil are purely natural and organic. This product has gone through several clinical trials and made in FDA approved labs and GMP certified product.

This is an international certification standard makes a product genuine and safe for topical as well as oral ingestion. So, users of this product can be rest assured of its 100% safety and can consume it without any risks.

Comparison of CBDMuscle Oil with other CBDMuscle products

Comparison – CBDMuscle Recovery Oil Vs. Balm Vs CBD+BCAA

Name Of The Product

CBDMuscle Oil 600mg

CBDMuscle Balm 300mg


Nature Full spectrum (Oil Based) Full spectrum (Topical Cream Based) Full spectrum (Powder Based)
Bioavailability High Bioavailability
Quick absorption
High Bioavailability
Quick absorption
High Bioavailability
Quick absorption
THC content Less than 0.03 % THC.
No high effect.
Less than 0.03 % THC.
No high effect.
Less than 0.03 % THC.
No high effect.
Ingredients Olive Oil, Hemp Extract, and THC Hemp Seed Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Essential Oils, Terpenoid and THC Branched Chain Amino Acid Blend, L-leucine, Flavour, Acidity Regulator, Cannabidoil, Colourant, Sucralose, and THC
Safety Made in FDA approved Labs and GMP certified Made in FDA approved Labs and GMP certified Made in FDA approved Labs and GMP certified
CO2 extraction High levels of cannabinoid High levels of cannabinoid High levels of cannabinoid
Extent of Naturalness Of Ingredients 100 % Natural, Organic, Vegetarian and Vegan friendly 100 % Natural, Organic, Vegetarian and Vegan friendly 100 % Natural, Organic, Vegetarian and Vegan friendly
Method to use Put 1-3 drops below the tongue for 30 seconds. Do it in morning and night. On training days, consume it right after exercise. Apply in the night or throughout the day to the impacted region as required. In the form of a dietary supplement, consume one scoop of the product in 8oz of water before, after or during workouts.
Benefits Targets joints and muscles naturally.

Promotes muscle repair, pain relief, and reduces inflammation.

Its boosting power makes your training sessions more intense and effective.

It is an ideal pre/post workout boost.
This product has skin penetrating agents that hits the location by targeting localized effects.

It is most suited for people looking for isolated relief and revitalizing effect.

Direct application is allowed.
Target joints and muscles naturally.

It is made with unique and patented blend of phytocannabinoids derived from hemp to provide effect post-workout boost.
Amount 1 bottle is of 20 ml with approx. 200 drops. It has 6% CBD, also available in higher strength 12% CBD. 1 bottle is of 300 ml. It has 30 mg of CBD. 1 bottle is of 225 grams. It has 750 mg of CBD.
How To Order Visit CBDMuscle Recovery Oil Site Visit CBDMuscle Recovery Balm Site Visit CBDMuscle 4% CBD+BCAA Site

About the different CBDMuscle products

There are three popular types in which CBD products manufactured by “CBDMuscle” that you can find in the market. We will discuss about each one of them here.

CBDMuscle 4% CBD+BCAA Powder


This is the commonest way to consume CBD. It comes in a powder-based form that can be orally ingested by a patient. Along with finest quality ingredients, this powder contains two basic ingredients i.e., CBD and BCAA powder. On consuming CBD, it directly reaches to the digestive system, where it gets metabolized in the liver. This action sends the active compounds of the product into the bloodstream.

Enriched with protein, this flavoured supplement works in two ways. It assists the muscle development process and reduces possibilities of muscle fatigue and inflammation. To achieve muscular body and pain free workout, this is the CBD product you should consider.

CBD Muscle Recovery Oil

CBDMuscle Recovery Oil 600mg

CBD Muscle Oil falls is a liquid based CBD product that is another effective, safe and easy way to ingest CBD. This oil is provided in two forms on the basis of the levels of CBD concentrations. These are 6% CBD and 12% CBD.Both of them are effective pre or post workout supplement.

In this method a patient is used to put a few drops of this oil under the tongue. The skin penetrating agents in the products gets absorbed into the mucous membranes and mixes with the bloodstream. It avoids soreness in muscle that makes it credible during strennous workout sessions. If you are looking for quick and extended relief from your CBD product, then CBD Oil drops will be the best way for you.

CBDMuscle Recovery Balm 300mg

CBDMuscle Recovery Balm 300mg

This is the most effective CBDproduct to treat pain and inflammation immediately. By using this product, a person consumes CBD through application of a lotion or cream. This cream contains CBD in it. This product works on the problem causing zones of the body by targeting localized effects. CBD balm-based products is one of the best products designed for people who are looking for topical treatment.

It has to be applied on the place where the person is feeling discomfort. This recovery balm is easy to apply and sinks into the skin quickly. The active ingredients used in its formation gets absorbed to give quick and isolated relief to the person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to its effectiveness, quick, safe and long-term action, CBDMuscle Oil has grabbed attention of many people. If you have not used it before, you may have some questions in your mind. To solve your queries regarding CBDMuscle Oil, we have compiled a list of questions that will definitely give an answer to all your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions
Will CBD Muscle Oil get me high? No. As per the reviews obtained from customers who have been using CBDMuscle Oil stated that they did not experience any feeling of ecstasy after consuming it. It has a non-intoxicating nature.

THC is the element that is responsible for causing psychoactive effects in a person. As CBDMuscle Oil has less than 0.03 percentage of THC in it, it is unlikely to cause any high effect on the user.
What is CBDMuscle Oil made up of? CBD oil is prepared using a liquid form of cannabis extract. This extract has pure form of CBD that is derived from seeds and stem of the industrial hemp. This makes this product 100% natural, organic and safe.
Will CBDMuscle Oil show up on food or drug test? CBDMuscle OIl is fully legal product for consumption in the UK. Due to this reason, it does not get highlighted while performing any type of safety tests. CBD is the only type of cannabinoid that has been allowed by WADA. Due to this reason top athletes safely enjoys the advantages offered by CBD.

CBDMuscle Oil is high in quality. This is due to the superior quality products used in making it. Also, the minimal values of THC make it unlikely to get showed up on any drug test. As per the research, people who consumednearly six mg of THC daily have a twenty-five percentage of possibility to fail in a drug exam.

This is equivalent to 2,000 mg of the CBD oil quantity on a daily basis with a THC level of 0.3 percentage or below). In CBDMuscle Oil, you would not get such high value of THS, that makes it quite safer for consumption.
Does CBDMuscle Oil interact with food supplements? No. CBDMuscle Oil is not seen to interact with any medications and food supplements. AS this oil is made using 100% natural compounds, you can consume it easily with your existing food supplements or medicines without any risks of chemical interaction.

Also, before launching into the market, this company thoroughly tests their vast range of products to ensures its safety and effectiveness on common people.
Is CBD Muscle Oil legal? Yes. CBD Muscle Oil is purely legal in the UK. It is made in FDA approved laboratory. You don’t require any prescription to get it online or offline. The distribution of this production is free from restrictions that makes it purely legal and completely safe.

Hemp-based products are officially accepted, approved and sold lawfully all around the globe. As the oil is derived from this legal and natural product, there is no doubt in saying CBDMuscle oil to be purely legal.
What is the right strength of CBDMuscle Oil to take? There are several factors that comes into play in determining the right dose and strength of CBD. It is advised for new users to start off with a lower strength product. Just when their body gets habitual of it and they start to see reduction of their symptoms and quick muscle recovery, they can increase their dose by a little amount.

For people who are trying CBDMuscle Oil for the first time should start off with 6% CBD Oil. This is the best way to start for beginner and has been noted for its remarkable therapeutic effects.
Is CBDMuscle oil lab tested? Yes. CBDMuscle Oil has gone through several number of rigorous safety and quality tests to determine the safe impact and best results of the product on the user.

This product has been extensively tested and monitored throughout the process of its manufacture to ensure authenticity of its ingredients and the overall product.
Is CBDMuscle Oil Vegan friendly? Yes. CBDMuscle Oil has no animal-based products in it. It is purely vegan. People who are vegan can easily consume this product without any hesitation.
How long does it take for CBDMuscle Oil to show me results and for how much time its effects last? A person canstart to experience its impact as soon as ten to fifteen minutes of its consumption when sublingually managed. If you are using a powder-based CBD product, then it can take between one to two hours to see its actual impact.

Along with the type of CBD product you use, there are a few other factors that determine the speed and efficacy of the absorption of its content. Moreover, the impact of pure CBDMuscle oil lasts from 4 hours to 12 hours, based on the personal metabolism.
Is CBDMuscle CBD Oil completely organic? Yes. As CBDMuscle Oil is prepared from 100% certified and organic hemp, it is completely organic in nature.
On what basis does full spectrum differ from islolate? There are basically two types of CBD products that are available in the market. These are full spectrum products and isolate products.
Advantages of Full Spectrum CBD A full spectrum CBD product is made using an active plant-based CBD compound that produces a synergic effect on the user. This supplement enhances the advantages of CBD to provide extra strength.

The improved benefit of the product has been greatly recognized as “Entourage Effect.” This effect synergistically combines the advantages of terpenes to improve their potential.
Benefits of CBDMuscle over Isolate CBD CBD Isolate is considered as a purified form of cannabidiol and residual cannabinoids. These products have zero THC and is ideal for those who are scared of getting caught under drug test.

CBD Isolate provide less performance and effectiveness as compared to the full spectrum CBD that comes with full capabilities. CBDMuscle Oil is a full spectrum CBD that is the most effective and safe to use.
What are the payment methods accepted? Following card payments are accepted:
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Maestro
What are the joints and muscle benefits of CBDMuscle Oil? Increasing proof and excellent customer reviews demonstrates CBD oil as an effective supplement to promote muscle recovery, and assist in muscle relaxation after exercise.

There are presently several ongoing studies that makes it quite evident that CBDMuscle Oil has a powerful impact in pain mitigation and anti-inflamation effects as compared to all the other cannabidiol compounds.
Where To Buy CBDMuscle Recovery Oil? It is only available through it's official website. Visit CBDMuscle Oil Website.


There are immense mental and physical health issues that can be effectively and safely administered by CBD Muscle Oil. This oil is the best go to supplement for bodybuilders and athletes who want to attain bulk muscle mass, with full vigor and less fatigue and inflammation. Use of this natural CBD oil opens a lot of opportunities where freedom from muscle and joint pain is the top priority.

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